Who we are 

TDEX is born from the experience acquired by its founder, Thierry Deleuze, built by working  25 years  in the Sport Industry and in all the stakeholders who influence it.

High performance sport is influenced by a very large number of parameters. In order to reach the peak of their performance, the athlete and their team must manage all of these components: physical preparation, tactics, technique, mental preparation, apparatus used to practice, perfect collaboration of the athlete's entourage (medical unit, school/university/work), and many more. 

All of these sporting values are very present and highly valued by the business sector. Teamwork, performance spirit, stress management, and many others are values present in current and future companies.

TDEX Sport Consult can analyse your needs and use all this acquired knowledge and values to optimize your business (sales & export), event, infrastructure or even your product range.

"Sport seeks fear in order to dominate it, fatigue in order to triumph over it, and difficulty in order to conquer it."
P. de Coubertin


Successfully a top sport Coach (Gymnastics), and Technical Advisor for the PE Bachelor/Master in PE (UCLouvain-University), Thierry has also been able to deepen his knowledge of Sports Organization Management (Joint degrees Universities) and in Sports Performance Psychology (UCLouvain - University).

For almost 10 years, he was a successful Product Manager and Event Manager of two of the biggest brands of Gymnastic Equipment (Janssen-Fritsen & Spieth Gymnastics). This allowed him to manage the world's largest events on 5 continents, manage multicultural teams, coordinate R&D of many of the top selling products in this sector.

He has also developed sales and new Gymnastics & Physical Education projects for the domestic and export market (Sales growth from 5% to 60%  in less than 5 years).

Having worked successfully with a large number of sport stakeholders, Thierry has acquired a very solid experience in sport management in the relationship with the customer and in export.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to visit his LinkedIn profile.

Thierry Deleuze 


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